Why colors sometimes do not match, Illustrator

No device in a publishing system is capable of reproducing the full range of colors that
human eye can see. Each device operates within a specific color space that can produce a
determined grade or range of colors.
A color model determines the relationship between values​​, while the color space defines the absolute meaning of those
values ​​as colors. Some color models (such as CIE L * a * b) have a fixed color space because they are
directly related to how humans perceive color. These models are described as
device-independent. Other color models (RGB, HSL, HSB, CMYK and so on) may present
several different color spaces. Since these models have variations with every device or color space
associate, they are described as being device-dependent.
Because these color spaces are variable, colors can shift in appearance as you transfer
documents between different devices. Color variations can result from differences in image sources,
the way software applications define color, print media (newsprint paper reproduces a range
the lower magazine paper) and other natural variations, such as manufacturing differences in monitors or age
Color gamuts of various devices and documents
A. Lab color space
B. Documents (workspace)
C. devices


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