Appearance panel

The steps we have to do the Appearance panel is:
- With Adobe Illustrator CS4 opens, select the Go to Bridge button in the Control panel.
- After the Bridge opens, navigate to the folder and open by double clicking on it.
- Once the file is opened in Illustrator. Activate the Selection tool in the Tools panel and select the red oval behind the text by clicking to the left.
- Open the Appearance panel by choosing Window> Appearance in the dock on the right side of our work space.
Appearance panel displays the attributes of the currently selected object.
The selected object is fill with red, has a stroke that is in blue.
- In the Appearance panel, select Stroke list. After clicking a list, a stroke color swatches panel and Stroke Weight drop-down menu and slider appears, right there on the panel.
- Select 3 pt from the Stroke Weigh the drop-down menu. This is true 3-point stroke to red objects in the background.
Press the arrow next to the drop-down menu and select the Stroke color White from Swatch panel that appears.
Stroke Color option in the Control panel makes it easy to apply color to the stroke of the selected object.
Now that we have applied a white stroke for our object.

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