Pencil tool

With the pencil tool we can draw free form with a pull / drag the cursor to create a single path to the route we take with the cursor. Pencil tool has the ability to create a unique line of unique display.

Unlike the Pen tool to create precise, super smooth lines but is difficult to control. Pencil tool is much easier to use, but he draws a line that is far from perfect. This is because the Pencil tool to create smooth points and corner anchor points. If we choose the Pencil tool anchor point, two control handles will appear.

Before using the Pencil tool for the first time, we must change the paint style attributes to fill a vacant or none,
and stroke with black dots. If we make fill empty / none then it is time to draw with the Pencil tool will lead to a form that looks weird.
To select this setting, beginning in the colors near the bottom of the Tools panel Illustrator. Click the square contents and then click None (red
slash) box to ensure that the fill is None. Select the stroke (the rectangle described) and then choose
Black to ensure that the stroke has a black stroke. Choose Stroke Stroke window to display the
panel and then selecting a point from the popup menu list.

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