Placing Artwork Illustrator

To place the file into the Illustrator document, we need to do is:
1. Choose File> Place.
2. Navigate to the folder containing the file. You can click the drop-down arrow on the popup menu to navigate to the file we want.
3. Select the file you want.
4. Choose how you want to put artworknya.

we have three choices:
a. Link.
Typically, this option is rarely chosen.
Place the artwork in Illustrator Illustrator file.
Usually we do not want to choose this option because it prevents the two separated files of artwork.
However, there are several reasons for us to connect the file.
First, the artwork is placed can be very large and can make our Illustrator file is too large.
Secondly, if we need to make changes to the artwork in place included in the Illustrator file.
If we click the link, artwork that is updated automatically change when we make changes.

b. Template.
Templates make the choice we are placed in the template file. When we use the template option,
it is automatically locked in the template layer in the Layers panel
and file the image will fade so that we can use it to trace over.

c. Replace.
We may want to replace art placed with a new version or a completely different from the previous artwork.
Illustrator has made this process Painless.
If we choose the placed artwork, dialog box will appear asking if we want change or not change the artwork of the selected artwork.
Use this to maintain a certain size or transformation that we use in other drawings. Simply select Replace and select image replaces the existing one, transformation and all.

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