Draw with Pen tool

We can use the Pen tool to create four types of anchor points (smooth, straight, curved corners, and the combination-angle)
Path is the instructions that tell the computer how to adjust straight segments and curved lines on the screen.
Each track is made up of the anchor points (the dots that appear on the screen). Between any two anchor
points are part of the path is called a line segment.

For example illustrator drawing with the Pen tool to draw the curve is initially a bit confusing.
We really need to think differently, to understand what will we do with the Pen tool.
To draw the curve, we need to drag the Pen tool rather than a click and release when we are drawing a straight line.
This section will provide two sets of instructions for creating two forms of the basic curves: bump and S shapex.
The most basic is the curve bump (curved segment between two points).

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