The style palette Illustrator

At the moment we are designing, we can define the attributes of design that we created, such as thickness, stroke color, fill color, and the effect of other attributes.
When we create another design, and we intend to make that same attributes that the objects we have created, then for simplicity, we can store the entire set of attributes such as a definition, called Style. Once this style is stored in the Style palette, we can apply a set of definitions of these attributes in other objects that we want.
Through the style palette we can control every aspect of style, of which we can create and name the style, modify the style that has been stored, then apply that style to a selected object.
We also can remove the style palette that has not used anymore.

To display the style palette in Illustrator screen steps we have to do is:
From the menu Window> Symbols or Shift + F11.

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