Live Trace

If we want to create a new image on an existing artwork, we can do to trace.
The easiest way to trace the artwork is open or place the file into Illustrator and automatically trace the artwork with Live Trace command. we can control the level of detail and how the tracing is filled. If we are satisfied with the results of tracing, we can convert the tracing to vector paths or a Live Paint object.

Before and after tracing a bitmap image with Live Trace command
Auto-trace artwork
Open or place files to be used as an image source for tracing.
With the source image is selected, do one of the following:
To trace the image using tracing presets, click the Tracing Presets and Options in the Control Panel, then select a preset.
To trace the image using the default tracing options, click Live Trace in the control panel, or select Object, Live Trace

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