clipping mask

A clipping mask is another form of object that is in the Illustrator artwork, so the only area which is located in the form of a visible effect, clipping the artwork with a mask.clipping mask and the objects in the masking is called a clipping set and marked by the dashed line in the Layers panel.we can create a set of clippings from a choice of two or more objects or of all objects in the group / group or layer.

The following guidelines apply to creating clipping masks:
Objects that we moved into the clipping mask mask's group in the Layers panel.
Only vector objects can be clipping masks, while the artwork can be masked.
If we use a layer or group to create a clipping mask, the first object in the layer or group all the mask that is a subset of the layer or group.
Regardless of the previous attributes, a clipping mask to an object no fill or stroke.

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