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Using the status bar

The status bar appears at the bottom left of the illustration window. It exhibits any of these
• current zoom level
• current tool in use
• clipboard in current use
• navigation controls for multiple clipboards
• date and time
• number of operations to undo and redo available
• color profile of the document
• status of a managed file
Click the status bar to perform one of the following actions:
• Change the type of information displayed in the status bar by selecting an option from the Show submenu.
• Show the current file in Adobe Bridge by choosing Reveal in Bridge.

Saving a set of colors as a group

When working in Illustrator, you’ll often end up with quite a few swatches in your Swatches
panel. As you experiment with colors and make adjustments, the number of swatches can
increase to a point that makes it diffi cult to fi nd a particular color. Fortunately, Illustrator
simplifi es the process of locating specifi c swatches by allowing you to create color groups to
organize swatches into logical categories. Let’s organize the swatches in the Swatches panel into
color groups.
1 In the Swatches panel, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Command key
(Mac OS) and select the six color swatches that follow the registration swatch ( ) in the
Swatches panel to highlight them.
2 Press the New Color Group button ( ) at the bottom of the panel. The New Color
Group dialog box appears.

3 In the New Color Group dialog box, type Atomic Region Colors in the Name text
fi eld. Press OK.
The New Color Group dialog box allows you to name the group that contains your swatches.
4 Choose File > Save to save your work. Keep the fi le open.
After creating the new color group, you can see that the swatches you selected in step
2 have been moved inside a color group. This is indicated by a small folder icon to the
left of the swatches, which are grouped together inside a slim, white border. You can still
select and apply each swatch as you did before, but now the colors are organized logically.
If you hover your cursor over the color group folder icon, Atomic Region Colors appears
in a tooltip.

Illustrator® CS4

Aquent Creative Team